27 March 2009

I love "ngeblog"

"Ngeblog" or in English we can say blogging is one of good activity, I think. Nowadays, blogging not only just for fun but can give us much more. Since I know about this activity, I'm very enjoyed. And cause blogging, I can learn anything. I can learn and share what I've doing everyday. Sometimes if I've work hard in office and I can't login to blogspot or wp, I felt I there is something missing. Like this, I practice my little knowledge with English. So, if you can't read this, please forgive me. I'm just practice my English. I wish I can learn more English. I know English is important, so if you have chance to learn English don't waste it. Hehe ... I think enough my little note with english today. Next time practice and practice again ... :)
Happy blogging

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  1. Yes, blogging in English is a great way to practice. In English, we often say "practice makes perfect".

    Wil's World of Words


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