02 January 2010

Say "No" to drug

Once relatives, the friend, or even you yourself experienced the problem about the medicine was banned or alcohol? If the answer is yes, so you must read this article, because in this article we will discuss how to overcome the problem of medicine addiction. Is it true that, the prevention was far more better than medical treatment, but if happening then medical treatment became the matter that really looking for. Since several at this time, the problem of medicine addiction was banned and alcohol became the problem in several countries, especially developing countries that still easily to distribute drugs and addiction.

Moreover in several developed countries also the war on drug and addiction continued to be carried out. Both from the government circle, the social agency and the united community oppose each other the circulation drug and addition. For that had never known addiction and drug, they were introduced and given by the briefing in order to not fall in the problem addiction and drug. However for that already became the user, then was given by Addiction Treatment and Drug Treatment. This activity was carried out so that they who fell could come back lived normal and continued his life better.

With the support from all the sides certainly the activity addiction and drug rehab could give hope for people who beforehand lost hope. So if we not want to until like them who lost hope because of falling in drug and addiction must dare to say "No" to drug.

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