15 February 2010

Project to get back Page Rank

Like i have read and write again in another blog, since today my main project build (get back) page rank from my domain name skydale that i have bought this with more costly last year. Last year I received information about the available high PR domain with the moderate price cheap with condition at that time. Without the courtesy then I bertransaksi and bought this domain. But after some of Google's time was update PR, and what happened? PR provided became 0. Still tolerable than N/A but it's unfortunately .

Now, i want to practice what i have read and try to get back my page rank. We'll see after couple of month. If this work, i will try to another domain. I decide take this blog (blogkeris.blogspot.com) became to my exercise. So, be understanding of this situation, I mean that you blogwalking here and find different url in here, please I'm so sorry.

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