19 April 2010

8 Ways Become better thinkers - to be Smart People

In everyday life, we must think about things before making a decision. We'll buy something expensive such as sofas, lots of things we think. Starting from the color, model, size, made of what materials and others. Something like this is also experienced by Jonah Lehrer, a science writer. Because often make the wrong choice, despite some serious thinking, he then asked himself, if he could teach himself to make better choices. And here are some principles that made Jonah Lehrer to think better:

Listen to emotions
Our conscious mind only partially occurs in the brain. The subconscious mind captures more information that we do not even realize and process them quickly. Based on this conclusion, the brain produces emotions. So do not ignore the subtle feelings that tell you to avoid something. Personal super computer you are trying to tell something to you.

Do not think under pressure
Lehrer told the bitterness of experience as a child, when playing basketball. He thinks if you make certain movements basketball team will win. He listened to his conscious mind and try to put the ball twice but failed. He should rely on the subconscious is like autopilot trained because he had learned to shoot the ball for years. He thinks we should trust the instincts and to develop it takes time.

Consider another perspective
Professional poker players often use a simple trick when other players suspect bragged. They think about how players will act if it does not boast. The brain naturally filters out the world to strengthen what is already believed. But these habits are limited and dangerous. You can choose a wrong answer.

About your favorite
Feeling not taste like and can restrict your thoughts. Lehrer usually like expensive wine. He then did a blind taste test of different types of wines that cost differences and find what the experts found: there is no correlation between price and of how big your favorites. By determining what you really like, you can enjoy life and can spend more wisely.

Long bath
With a longer shower, our subconscious works well, so sometimes smart thinking when we started in the bathroom.

Do not believe in memories
Human memory is not honest, the action commemorate an event, such as your birthday party to 8, changing the memory structures in the brain. Detail and the narrative changed. The more you think about it, the less accurate your memory, and increasingly unreliable to be used as the basis for making conclusions.

Learn from the mistakes
Mistakes make us more intelligent, if we can process them with the best. To live more smart learn from past mistakes.

Create imagination
With imagination to make our minds are always growing, and giving spirit in real life.

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