14 April 2010

The next step after we have a domain name

After some time ago we talked about how to obtain a suitable domain name for our website, steps that we should do is find a place to impound our domain name had to be online and can be accessed by anyone, anytime. Place or container to be able to make our traditional online websites is often called web hosting.

For the last few years, web hosting company managers have been very much at all, start windows based service provider to the Linux based. For the problem better windows or Linux all depends on the needs of each individual. There are happy with windows based web hosting but there are also a fanatic with Linux based web hosting. In general, both have the same role in the development of our website. So if we want to choose one web hosting service provider based on windows or Linux would be the same result.

After searching the various references which are most in accordance with our beliefs, then we decide where a hosting service provider we choose. Then we simply make our website layout and install the webhosting we have just selected earlier. So within minutes of our sites can be accessed by many people. Congratulations on launching our new website.

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  1. Hmm, interesting. Thanks again for the information.


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