01 May 2010

Air intakes

Well just in case some are interested in this article I want people to know out there about what I found. I want air intakes that is not busy finding adjust the best car and Exhaust BBK is not that I cannot get power from the engine to that (with Lean) after the third try, I think I It has driven it 150 miles and no engine light so far How was I did it.

A computer, I do not set long enough for two, I first connected the battery about 1 hour and try not away. Time I connect the battery for 7 hours, this makes me miss shooting. Oh well, at least this car seems to work. Second, longer than batteries and my idol for 30 minutes straight with the car off put the car in gear, or messing with other things and let the idol. Third, than I closed out and let set for 5 minutes. Fourth, then I started again and let it idol 15 minutes for your computer to train yourself. Fifth, then I drive 40 miles.

I was driving another 100 miles since and I'm happy so far. I hope I continue to run after other week or so.
Have you and I hope to help other people out there who may have the same problem.

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