31 May 2010

How we can attract women

Women Just Don’t Accept the Time?

We appear into acquaintance with hundreds of humans every day. We cannot get to apperceive anniversary accepting as an alone – we don’t accept the time or brainy accommodation for that.

So, what we aback do is accomplish ample judgments about humans based on specific behaviors. We assort people. We accomplish judgments and accumulation humans calm to accomplish things easier cognitively. This is allotment of the acumen why stereotypes are so accustomed – it’s just easier to accumulation human’s calm than to accumulate clue of everyone’s uniqueness.

Here’s why this is important to you…

Women just don’t accept time to get to apperceive you as an individual. Because of that, they will accomplish big judgments about you based on ANY behaviors you display in their attendance – even your slightest, a lot of acutely bush behaviors.

As I’ve talked about in antecedent emails women wish men they can respect, men that are top on the amusing ladder, and men who are confident. If a woman just met you she is aback anticipation and allocation you. You will get women, If you could accept to the thoughts in her apperception they may go something like this…

“He slouches just like Jim acclimated to. Jim was such an amoeba wimp.”

“I can’t angle guys that allocution about themselves all the time – they are so insecure.”

“Guys who act so afraid if they allocution to me consistently end up accepting boring.”

This doesn’t assume absolutely far, does it? I mean, we are all individuals. Sure, you may accept bad aspect but if she would just get to apperceive you she would see what an abundant guy you are.

Nope, abominably it just doesn’t plan that way.

It’s abundant easier for women to draw abstracts about you based on a few actual specific criteria. An acceptable name for this belief they use to adjudicator you would be the “you-have-five-minutes-to-prove-to-me- you-aren’t-a-loser-like-all-the-other-guys test” but, for account of convenience, we will just alarm it the “loser test.” Women use this “loser test” to adjudge bound if you are account accepting to apperceive better.

If you abort to accommodated their belief and you get aggregate in the “not account dating” also-ran class again you are apparently ashore there. If you ask for her amount you won’t get it. If you try to allocution to her added you will apparently just abrade her and drive her added away.

So, casual this antecedent “test” is VERY important. Actually to attract women, You have just pay little attention to her.

If you don’t apperceive the belief that women use again you are actively disadvantaged. You could be accepting alone afore you accept an adventitious to appearance that you absolutely are.

It’s important that you apprentice what little behaviors women are admiring to so that you can accomplish abiding that you display those behaviors in the attendance of women so that you can canyon their little analysis and women will wish to get to apperceive you better. If women wish to get to apperceive you bigger they will be acceptant to your advances such as accepting her number, traveling out on dates, etc. And that's it you can attract women with easily.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.


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