21 May 2010

Still about golf course

How about a person who heatedly debated the morning of infrastructure, in the afternoon and evening economy of health, while always the wise guy supposed to do?
I do not know you, but when I happen to see them or read them (every day around there are many), I think it is an illustrious idiot, maybe even more.

And this "spin doctors" I see mostly in politics is also reflected in humans, normal.
Who is the best coach of the national team or the most excellent cook / to the world?
Two fried eggs (which think they know how to do well but not easy) and so to open a restaurant, then the results are, indeed, we unfortunately feel when you come home (if c'arrivi), where you are obliged to remain on the toilet for hours.
Everyone knows everything, while others do not understand anything, even when the job of others for many years.
Something is wrong!

The Council of Ministers approved today a bill to promote golf tourism in Italy, and the bill proposed by Minister of Tourism, Michela Brambilla, and so on.
All hell broke loose.
The same as before, those same gurus of health, infrastructure, trade, fried eggs and so on, and join forces fired repeated broadsides against the decision of the minister, trying to make a single mouthful.

A time for love, no one here wants to defend it, just read some previous post on this to make himself an idea of how the mean.
But who are these gunners to say this and that about spit ... do they know?
I read the names and try them on the web, and tourism or even the ski trip to the lake, oh well, normal.
So say two things ....
. ... Figures show 25 million tourists in European golfers (out of 64 million practitioners in the world) for a sector that grows without setbacks with a rate of 8.1% per year.
Not bad!
Significant benefits to the economy with a tourist, with an average age between 45 and 65 and then with appropriate economic, and Italy spends about 90 euros per day (excluding travel and accommodation) against the euro of 53.83 Tourists golfers.
The turnover for golf in Europe is around 50 billion euros in Italy is around 350 million in direct revenues, ie those that related only to activities of the golf club.
As regards the increase of jobs when you consider that in each facility golf Italians are used on average 33 people, generally, in Europe, Middle East and Africa, for each direct worker there are others who live with two indirect all'indotto, we estimate that each new golf course would create an average of 100 jobs.
Not counting those generated to make the routes and accommodation attached.
And plus the tourist season is very long, finally defining a major problem Italians, the seasonal adjustment.

Currently, the season takes the time to the beating of wings of a butterfly, and all those working in the field are anxious about eight to nine months a year, with apprehension, wondering "what will the next season?"
And just a small decline to put all those in crisis.
But it is absurd to criminalize such developments shouting "poured concrete" when in reality it is green surroundings, on otherwise unproductive land.
Japanese researchers believe they have found a way to get alcohol for cars cut their grass golf course. University scientists' Gifu (Japan Central) have studied several types of grass used for "green".
And they seem to have found a variety very suitable to be treated.
It is actually grass with high amounts of fiber, which, like cellulose before fermentation to become sugar through the action of certain enzymes.
After several tests, the researchers isolated two enzymes, called Acremonium cellulase "and" endoglucanases, particularly effective in the process of grass fiber into sugar.
With this method, and 'could produce 0.15 grams of ethanol a gram of weed.
As in the case of agriculture, even here we must consider the impact of these treatments on wildlife.

Alan Gange, a professor of microbial ecology Royal Holloway University of London, tried to see if the golf courses are "ecological corridors" for wildlife forced to leave the farmland and surrounding suburbs overrun by urban or If attracting wildlife then be a deadly trap because of the high concentration of pesticides.

Ganga did not find any evidence to support its theory of "lethal traps.
Conversely, some old fields, open for over seventy years, still retain much of their interior habitat on which they were originally built, thus providing a safe haven for rare species such as toads of reeds and orchids at risk of ' extinction, kites and lizards.

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