16 February 2012

How to rank your website?

Optimization process of building backlinks is indispensable for the success of our sites through the top position.
Build a backlink also there are rules, too many links to our site will in sanbox as google, backlinks little up-and-ride tu no ratings. Until now no one knows setandart banklink that we give to a site within a day. Okay I just sob about how to build baclink share.

In this case we can gather backlinks with some of the methods below:

Way as was done by the search backlinks to make comments on other witus have the same topic, then leave a link to our site there.

Social Boomarking
That is by medaftarkan site / our article to a social bookmarking service.
Our task is now to find the best social boomarking.

Search engines are always updated news - news and ads that update. Well here we are fast sites accessible to search engines.

Paid Linking
Perhaps those of us who have little money, it's better to find a paid link

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