15 November 2012

I think all kids really love to swim, and parent must be read this

When I was browsing looking for new information, I found some very interesting information especially for new parents with small children under 10 years old. And here it is what they saying:

For the great part of my life I did not now how to swim until recently, to be even more precise until last year. So I finally worked up the nerve to learn and face my fear. From my own experience I know how difficult it can be to overcome the fear of deep water and generally force yourself in those years how to swim. That is why I am sure that the earlier you can get your children involved in swimming the safer and more confident they will be.

As a mother of two and an elementary school teacher, I am always looking for books that help teach in a way that supports learning but is also fun too. This book will help prepare a child for swim lessons and show your little one that swimming is a natural activity that we can all enjoy. The illustrations are cute and the book begins at a good pace -- putting on the swimsuit, etc...perfect for small kids who need to work up to the idea of getting in the pool. I am BIG on water safety -- Unfortunately, drowning is a more common occurrence than any of us want to believe. If there is anything you can do to help your child become a confident swimmer, then I support it! This book is a lovely introduction for all the little fish out there.

This book will allay any concerns you may have about your young child taking swim lessons. It will also keep you from "freaking out" in the pool when you're told what you need to do by the instructors. The fact is, babies love water and water is a natural place for them. They instinctively will hold their breath under water, which is the biggest concern of most parents. By eliminating your own stress about swim lessons, you can create a better experience for your child as swimming lessons should be fun and relaxing for both you and your child. If you're stressed out about the swimming lessons--your child will pick up on that. The fact is, the earlier you can get your children involved in swimming, the safer and more confident they will be. I particularly liked this book because it is written from the perspective of the child. It's a great read for anyone considering swimming lessons for their children.

Yes you are exactly right, in this post I talk about a book entitled "Mommy and Me Go to Swimming Lessons" 
Very interesting book and I think really good for all parents. And once more when I try search more information about this book on famous store (amazon) here

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